Artist Line: Dozfy


The past 35 years pursuing the love of art has been amazing and we are excited to show you our next project.

 In the beginning, I pursued portraiture painting in Texas and soon after, made an 180 degree turn to landscapes after studying Ansel Adams photography of Yosemite. This was followed up by creating #menuart (instagram @dozfy) with the Atlanta food community and then transferred that success with the Seattle restaurants. It was not long before I made Seattle my permanent home and starting a family with the Iove of my life. We are extremely honored to have Seattle embrace Dozfy.

The next chapter is the “Stay Strong” series where we captured the emotional, medical and mental strain from the COVID-19 pandemic. The Space Needle acts as a beacon of hope surrounded by dark background. The blue heart represents love and support. Finally, the “Stay Strong” provides a powerful message to push forward into a brighter future.

Patrick Nguyen

Dozfy LLC